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Research Focus

Robust and Private learning

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 federated learning and Edge Inference

Funded  National Research Projects


Dutch National Science Foundation 2021

Tabular Data Syntehsizer

Data is the enabling  factor for  organizations around the world to improve the lives of the individuals through analysis. Current technology however either compromises privacy or destroys the value to preserve it.   TDS aims to develop a beyond state-of-the art synthetic data generator that allows for safe big data knowledge discoveries.


Swiss National Science Foundation 2017–2022

Dependency-aware Approximate Analytics and Processing Platform

Dapprox is a set of methods and software tools for fast and approximate analyses of resource usage series in real time. The goal is to predict potential anomalies (and propose solutions) by simultaneously taking into account accuracy requirements, maximum delays and available resources.


Swiss National Science Foundation  2018–2021

Women in Big Data

The mission of WiBD is to organize activities to promote women in Big Data research with a dual focus on social and technical sciences. W e advocate the importance of an open and broad discussion on building, advancing, and maintaining careers for women in Big Data fields.


Swiss National Science Foundation 2013–2017

Workload Characterization and Optimization for Multicore Systems

Multicore architectures have become the standard, both for general-purpose PCs and for high-end servers. Such platforms provide an environment that is ideally suited for consolidating multiple applications within the same machine to take full advantage of the available parallelism. 


European FP7 ICT project 2013–2016

Globally Optimized Energy Efficient Data Centres 

The GENiC platform provides a set of services that are loosely coupled on the GENiC controller cluster to support energy optimisation. These provide functionalities to handle data centre (DC) model mapping, sensor telemetry (airflow, temperature and power), workload actuation, fault detection and diagnosis and historical data storage.

Past IBM Research Projects

Cognitive Appliances


Designed active learning schemes for automatic information retrieval from PDF documents and generation of knowledge graphs.


Cognitive Threats Insights Platform


Developed a unified and resilient platform and leveraged big data analysis to detect potential threats for large-scale distributed systems.


Key Protect


Optimized and accelerated cryptographic key management for IBM Cloud service.


Data Center Discovery


Led a team to conduct data analytics on performance logs of large-scale data centers, build learning models, and develop ticket-management solutions.

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